Iron Chef: BellWanZo Style

Last night, I was fortunate enough to gather with friends and do what we do best…EAT! But not only were we eating, we did that other thing we do best…COMPETE! My friends love a good, friendly competition — even if the reward is simply bragging rights!

I attended, for the first time, the annual Iron Chef Cookoff at Casa BellWanzo. I’m not quite sure why I haven’t gone before, but I will never miss this event again! The proceedings are as follows:

  • Chefs show up at 4 o’clock for the secret ingredient reveal.
  • Chefs have from 4 o’clock until 7 o’clock to shop, prepare, cook, plate and clean their dishes.
  • at 7 o’clock, judges (aka ME!) begin devouring the food and rate it based on:
    • Taste
    • Original/clever use of the secret ingredient
    • The scale is 1-5, 5 being the highest, you just had a food-gasm in your mouth and 1 being you wouldn’t feed it to a really sad, helpless, starving puppy. (aww…that vision just made me really sad!)

I was also fortunate enough to be escorted by the lovely and oh-so-lively Brianne. Bri also writes a fabulous blog and has inspired me in so many ways for this here lil ole blog! She did a brilliant job of documenting who-made-what and moment by moment happenings. As a tiny thank you to her for her unending inspiration, I am going to politely point you to her blog for details on this foodie extravaganza! Consider it a co-blog entry. She did a lot of the writing and I took photos!

So to read the play-by-play of Iron Chef 2013, please click here! (and while you’re there, peruse around a bit! She has lots of fun things to see!)

(plus, you may notice I didn’t reveal the secret ingredient! You’ll have to go to Positively Bri to find out what it was!)

And to see a photo gallery of the people and food I got to soak up last night,

please clickity-click here!


Nip, Tuck, Cut & Color

As you may have noticed, Ending Up Here is getting a wee bit of a facelift! No worries though, she’s still the same beautiful woman she always has been on the inside! We’re just working to make her outsides as fabulous as her insides! So if you notice a few changes over the next few days or weeks, fret not! All the content is the same, just tweaking the look of everything! I’m a visual artsist at heart (look what a 4-year college degree in photography got me!), so I’ve become a perfectionist about all this jazz!