Aquí Vamos!

As I sit in the Miami airport awaiting our connecting flight to San Salvador, I am filled with excitement, anxiety, and curiosity. I am excited for the amazing adventure I am about to embark upon. I am anxious because I really have no idea what to expect and my Spanish is terrible (I really meant to study more!)! I am curious as to WHY ON EARTH DOESN’T THE MIAMI AIRPORT HAVE FREE WIFI?!?

Oh, in case you don’t follow my blog (or me personally), I am en route to San Salvador for a mission trip with my church, Rock City. We will be working with a children’s center, assisting in a medical center, and visiting homes to preach the good word of Jesus!

I return next Sunday, June 15th. I know that in these 9 short days, I have the chance to not only change the lives of people through God, but they will change mine as well.

Please follow me here and on my Instagram for trip updates. We will be in the small village of Guayabo, so we will only have wireless at the hotel, but I will do my best to keep everyone updated!!

Adios! Dios es Amor!




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