The 7 Life Miracles

I am incredibly blessed to be friends with some pretty amazing people. In my close circle of friends, there are people who have

…and that’s just a handful of my people!

I am  overjoyed and proud to say that I can now add to that list a friend that has become a published author! Julie Wilkes is one of my hardest corest (yes, that’s a thing!) physical trainers. Last year, she opened Seven Studios, a yoga/pilates/Insanity/whatever-will-kick-your-ass studio. I began attending her classes because another dear friend, Alexander McAfee-Chang, told me I had to experience her classes. And no one says no to The Chang. No one.

And as always with workout related topics, he was right. Not only did Julie’s classes challenge me physically, but she has this unique ability to challenge your spirit as well. Julie’s entire workout theory is based on a system of beliefs she has experienced and wrangled into a philosophy called The 7 Life Miracles. She took this idea and turned it into a self-help workshop wherein she worked with people to live their lives to the fullest. Many people had success with her program and they wanted to share it with their friends – thus was born Julie’s first (of many to come, I assume!) book and my latest Goodreads add.

In her book Julie “breaks down the excuses or ‘stories’ that create road blocks and opens up the possibility of what your life looks like when you share the gifts, talents and passions that are locked inside of you.” Now, I will admit, I am not usually the self-help book kind of gal. Not that I am against or don’t believe in bettering myself through literature, I just haven’t really put the effort into improving myself through that medium before. I am reading and putting serious effort into Julie’s book not only because she is a friend (but yes, this is the biggest reason!), but because I have experienced tiny bits of her miracles “theory” before. Whether it has been through asking class participants to “think of someone they adore and let them know about it this week” or not taking life for grated and living each day like it’s our one and only or simply looking outside of ourselves and doing good for someone else, Julie’s Miracles have already touched and improved my life.

In The 7 Life Miracles, each Miracle section has a journal entry prompt in which Julie asks the reader to seriously think about what they have just read and how they can put it to use in their daily life. Now THIS is something I can get behind! Blogging = Journaling! As a way to keep myself accountable and share my experiences, I am going to use my blog as my journal. In the beginning of her book, Julie suggests the reader picks a journal that “has an inspirational quote on the front, a colorful tapestry in the binding, or anything that makes {the reader} look forward to using it.” Uhhh….what’s more exciting than my pretty, little blog here?? I’m always excited to tap on these keys and share my thoughts, whether it’s for my own benefit or the benefit of my readers (hopefully both)!

I am not going to set a time limit for my entries, because we all know how that goes for me…But instead, I am just going to write as I proceed and process through my Miracles.

I am hoping that by reading my journal entires, you will be inspired and encouraged to pick up your own copy of the book and join my adventure! I truly believe that this will be something that will be best experienced with others. We can share our challenges, successes, ideas…all of it! I know that I am looking forward to sharing this exercise with my people – and I would love for you to join us!


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  • Learn about The 7 Life Miracles book HERE!
  • Preorder The 7 Life Miracles  on Amazon HERE!
  • Can’t wait until February 25th?? Neither could I! Check availability at your local Barnes & Noble Bookstore and get it now HERE!

After a Pilates/Yoga Fusion Class at Seven!



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