Ending Up Helping :: January 13th :: Amethyst, Inc.

I have watched enough episodes of Intervention and heard enough personal stories to understand that addiction does not only hurt the person with the addiction; it affects their entire family and all of their friends. I have also experienced enough of life to learn that homelessness isn’t always a voluntary outcome. Pair the two, addiction and homelessness, together, and it adds up to what can seem like a hopeless situation.

If someone suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction is fortunate enough to realize they needs a lifestyle change, making that change on their own truly may not be an option.

Amethyst, Inc.

“Amethyst’s goal is to help women, children, and families achieve lifelong sobriety, healthy relationships, permanent housing, and economic stability through gender-specific programs and services that combine alcohol and drug treatment with supportive housing for homeless women.”

When a woman carries around an addiction while trying to be a mother, wife, or other caregiver, she can often begin to feel a deep failure in the role as caregiver. But because addiction holds such a type grip on its victims, these women may not know how to face it. Amethyst provides gender-specific treatments and therapies to help these women.

Beyond helping only the women fighting addiction, Amethyst serves the families they are trying to preserve. The children living at Amethyst receive babysitting, homework help, tutoring, therapy, and education on how to avoid a life of addiction.

“Addiction, poverty, and violence have the propensity to perpetuate themselves generation after generation. Children raised in families coping with these problems struggle academically and miss more days of school than their counterparts. They’re also likely to display emotional and mental challenges, which can create barriers to academic and social success.

Amethyst’s goal is to break the generational cycle. We provide a healthy environment combined with supportive and therapeutic services designed with children’s needs in mind.”

When a parent suffers from addiction, one result may be family separation. This can permanently damage the family unit, or with special care and hard work, the families can re-bond and learn to forgive and move forward.

“Many families at Amethyst have experienced family disruption caused by the extended parent/child separation that can result from addiction, mental illness, poverty, and criminal involvement. At Amethyst, we believe in reunifying these families. Our family-centered programs promote meaningful family dialogue, increase parent knowledge, and encourage parental involvement in the development and education of their children, giving all family members the support they need to reconnect with each other.”

What Amethyst Does Works

Valerie’s Story

“Thirteen years ago, I would never have imagined that there would be a place that would help me heal from my hurt and teach me how to cope with life’s situation the same situations that, during the height of my addiction, would have triggered me to get high

Today, I am a woman that helps others see their own dreams. I am the woman that lets others know there are people and services that can help them. I will never be able to repay Amethyst for giving me back my life, my children, and my family. I am still learning from the friendships I developed at Amethyst. The women I met there are my sisters. We have shared stories, and we know that it is through Amethyst that we will grow and be strong. When most people have a series of bad life experiences, they say that they are happy to have their old life back. Well, I don’t want my old life back. Amethyst gave me a new life, one that I never thought I could have.”

After women “graduate” from the program and become alumnae, many decide to stay on and help those who come behind them. The alumnae are able to offer success stories, be a person who will listen and truly understand and inspire other women to persevere.

Wanna contribute to Amethyst, Inc.??

Because Amethyst is a home where women and their children live, the list of needed items more likely to grow rather than shrink. If you would like to donate items to the Amethyst House, please click here for an idea of what is needed most.

If a monetary donation speaks to your heart, you can be assured that your money will go towards ensuring the survival of mothers and children recovering from addiction here in Columbus. Please click here to donate.

“Our volunteers are lifesavers. Literally.” If you’re looking to save some lives, please volunteer! Click here for more information.

Unfortunately, it can be very easy to judge a person based on their addiction alone. But if we take a moment to see beyond the addiction, and into who that person really is, not only might they survive, but their family is given another chance at survival as well.


All information was obtained from www.amethyst-inc.org.

Find Amethyst, Inc. on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Amethystinc.


And please, DON’T FORGET!!! If there is a worthwhile cause on your radar, I would LOVE to hear about it! Perhaps it will make it onto this month’s Ending Up Helping series!


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