PLEASE READ NOW!! :: Ending Up Helping :: January 9th :: The Helsel Family

When I read the following Facebook message, my first thought was, Of course I will make this the focus of tomorrow’s blog! My second thought was, THIS is why I am doing this blog series. This is not about me. This is about going beyond myself by using my writing ability and my reading audience to really help others. Seriously folks, my heart was filled with sadness reading Beth’s words, but I was also filled with hope because I now know that my words are getting through to people, and as a writer, I imagine that is the greatest gift of all.

“Hey Ashley,

This may be a bit weird, because we don’t exactly know each other (despite our Facebook friend status). I’m not sure if you even know who I am, but I used to be friends with Sarah growing up and I know you are good friends with her.

Anyway, I wanted to reach out to you because I’ve noticed your “Ending Up Helping” posts (which I think are wonderful!) and had a suggestion/request.

Yesterday, a family very close to my heart suffered a horrible tragedy. Their house caught on fire and burned to the ground. Not only that but their 23-year-old son, Josh, was trapped inside and did not survive. They also lost their 5 well-loved rescue dogs.

Josh was very close to all of us at my work. It’s a small company (8 employees) and we all very much consider one another family. Josh’s mom and sister work with us, and it’s been an unthinkably difficult situation for all involved. We’ve been working hard to try and help as much as possible, as they’ve lost absolutely everything. They lived in a farm house just southwest of Columbus that was built in the 1880s and had poured years of TLC into restoring it. Because of its age they were unable to insure it.

They have a place to stay for now, but are in desperate need while trying to plan Josh’s memorial service. They have not yet been able to stop and think about their future needs, but we are trying to collect items and save money for them so that it’s there when they need it (which I imagine will be soon).

Our company set up a relief fund and we are reaching out to every resource we can think of. I was wondering if I could ask you the favor of dedicating one of your Ending Up Helping posts to their fund. I’ve included a link with more information. It would be so much appreciated.
Keep up the good work!

Yes, I remember Beth! She was only a grade below me and always a very sweet girl, so the fact that she is part of this effort truly comes as no surprise.

Items Needed:

  • Clothing items
    • Lori wears a size 14 in clothes and 8 in shoes.
    • Ron wears size 36w 32l pants and xl shirts, and size 10.5 shoes.
  • Toiletries
  • Gift cards to stores or restaurants (preferably those with multiple locations such as Walmart or Bob Evans)
  • Winter items like scarves, boots, and gloves are probably helpful, and blankets.

They’re not sure what their long term plan is as far as housing and since they don’t have much storage, household items probably aren’t helpful just yet, but will be soon!

To donate to their fund, please click HERE.

Josh Helsel

Josh Helsel

Josh & his niece, Cora

Josh & his niece, Cora

Please share this post because the more we get the word out, the more we can help the Helsel family begin to rebuild their lives. Nothing will ever replace Ron and Lori’s son Josh. The only thing that will help them to heal is time and we cannot give that to them. But we can give them prayers, support, money and everyday items needed for living.

Even if all you can give to the Helsels is a prayer or good thought their way, please do whatever you can to help this family.


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