Ending Up Helping :: January 2nd :: A1K9 Rescue

When deciding which charity organization to donate time and/or money to, you should choose one focused on things that are important to you. Love music? Donate to a charity that helps local musicians get health care (more on this coming later!). Love kids? Donate to a charity that helps underprivileged kids get food, clothes, or hell, just spend a couple hours a week with a few of ‘em and become a mentor! Care about the environment? Well, there’s gotta be a way to you can help our natural world to survive!

Me? One of my loves is Dewars. No, not the scotch – that was my mom’s love – the Boston Terrier! Dewars, Dewey for short, has been the #1 man in my life for 3 years now. After my mom passed away, I needed something warm and cuddly to make me smile on a daily basis, and quite honestly, something to make me get up in the morning – something that needed me. So in October 2010, I decided that I would get a Boston Terrier puppy the following spring. Training a puppy in the winter is ruff (I’m sorry. I had to.)!!

I started researching Boston Terrier rescues in Ohio. I found one that rescued puppies from puppy mills and pretty frequently had Bostons. Perfect! Every once in awhile, I would go on the site just to look at the adorable puppies. One day, I was feeling a little sad and knew that cute puppies would cheer me up, so I went to the rescue’s page. On the home page was a photo of a sweet Boston puppy suffering from a severe rectal prolapse (simply, his inside rectum was now outside). The rescue was asking for donations towards the puppy’s vet bill that was about to be very expensive. The photo was taken from behind, with the puppy’s face turning towards the camera with eyes that seemed to say, “Okay, you’ve documented it, can we please go to the hospital now?!? This hurts!!”

(Click here for the photo and puppy update. You’ll have to scroll down a bit. I’ll warn you, it’s quite gruesome, which is why I didn’t post it here!)

Well. One look at that face and I knew he had to be mine. I immediately emailed the rescue and told them that, should the puppy survive surgery and end up healthy, he would end up here, at the Barbie Dream House.

During surgery, the veterinarian went in through the puppy’s “abdomen and carefully pulled the prolapse back in after treatment to reduce the swelling. After about 45 minutes, they finally got it to go back inside. They almost gave up when they decided to try one last time and thankfully it went in!  Then the vet tacked the colon to his abdominal wall in an effort to prevent it from re-prolapsing.” (From the rescue’s update page)

Everything went well and on November 26th, 2010, Dewey became a permanent member of the Barbie Dream House.

I mean, really...how can you say no to that face??

I mean, really…how can you say no to that face??

A1K9 Rescue

A1K9 Rescue is located in Ravenna, Ohio, and in a nutshell, rescues puppies from unfortunate and unlivable situations. When I was re-reading all the information about A1K9, I realized that there just wasn’t a way to reword everything they had written describing their rescue, and I’m a blogger, not a journalist, so I am copy & pasting (but with quotes and a citation at the end, so it’s not illegal {ahem…Columbus Downtown High School Students…ahem} )

“All of the dogs in rescue have been saved from unfortunate situations that are no fault of their own.  Some are saved from puppymills and deplorable living conditions loaded with parasites, some are saved from high kill shelters, some are found as strays, some are owner surrendered after their owners were unable to keep them for various reasons, and some were just abandoned like unwanted garbage on the street.

Because of our proximity to the Amish puppymills, we receive many purebred puppies into rescue.  As the animal rights organizations shut these puppymills down, all of those dogs and puppies go to rescues to find homes.  Unfortunately, as fast as they get shut down they just reopen a few months later breeding something else and then the battle begins all over again.  Most of the time these puppies are sick and we work very hard to get them well so that by the time you see them on the website, they are happy, healthy dogs and puppies. The adoption fees are our ONLY source of income for the rescue and many times it doesn’t begin to cover all of the rescue’s expenses. It is more than just food.  It is vet bills, necessary medicines and special prescription food, surgeries, bowls, toys, dog houses, crates, bleach, kennels and concrete, tarps – the list is endless!  We are also planning to have a new heated building built this year.   Adoption fees go towards the care of ALL of the dogs in rescue, not just that particular dog you may be adopting. Some dogs’ expenses go well over their adoption fee if a special surgery is required to fix a birth defect, for example, but hopefully what one dog doesn’t use another one will.

Either way, these dogs and puppies need loving homes and a new chance at a good life!”

Angie, owner of A1K9 Rescue is a wonderful woman with a passion to find good homes for all the pets she comes across (she even has a chinchilla available for adoption right now!!). After Dad and I rescued Dewey, she kept in contact to make sure he was still healthy and that he was a good fit for us. Because Dewey came to us after suffering a terrible affliction, she offered to lower his adoption fee, but after seeing all the money she spent on getting him healthy and happy, we felt it was only right to pay the whole fee, because as she wrote on her site, even if he didn’t need the whole chunk of money, another dog down the line could benefit from it.

Obviously, dog adoption isn’t for everyone. But if you are looking to add to your family with a puppy, A1K9 Rescue is worth your perusal. It is family owned and operated, and each member of the family helps in making sure that each dog loved and cared for to the highest degree before going to its forever home. If you’re not looking to adopt, but believe in what Angie and her family are doing, please donate to A1K9!!! Each dollar goes towards the well being of someone’s future forever friend.


All information was obtained from www.a1k9rescue.com


7 thoughts on “Ending Up Helping :: January 2nd :: A1K9 Rescue

  1. I have an adopted Boston from A1k9 as well! There is a group of us on Facebook who have all rescued from there. How old is your guy? I think those guys were there when I adopted my Lilly. I remember seeing their story on the website.

    • Hi Amanda. . I also rescued 2 Boston from Angie.. can you share the name of the Facebook page.. i would love to see if any of there siblings were on there… thanks!!

      • It was a private group, A1K9 Rescue, but I don’t think anyone maintains it anymore. They seem to have just disappeared! I was the only Boston owner on it before it went inactive though. I was hoping to find some siblings as well!

  2. I’m laughing because I know your dog well! Mine was adopted several years before but I always go back to the website to “visit’ Angie’s new pups. I stayed tuned during “Dewars” medical challenges (made a small contribution toward his care), and his ultimate adoption. But tonight I clicked on my bookmark and the site is no longer hers. Do you have any information on where A1K9 has gone? Would be grateful.
    Best, Kronk.

    • Oh gosh! THANK YOU!!! Dewey is my little bundle of love! Thank you for your donation! I’m really not sure what happened to A1K9 Rescue! I’ve called, emailed, looked for the site…nothing! So strange!

      I want to see your puppy!!

  3. i realize this thread was written years ago but I wonder if there’s any news about Angie. I adopted a Coton from her in 2011. She was one of 4 siblings. Another woman, her mother and daughter adopted all three of the others. I would love to find them. Let me know if anyone reads this and has any info. I’ll keep looking. Thanks

    • Hi there! I have also tried to find Angie a number of times to no avail. I think that something bad happened with the business and they were forced to closed, but I have no idea what. At least we got our babies!

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