What’s the quickest way to a teacher’s heart? No, it’s not with a delicious, shiny, red apple. No, it’s not by turning in your homework on time and actively participating in class (although it does help 😉 ). It’s not even through those fabulous Starbucks gift cards I get once every 5 years (maybe).

It’s through giving them a snow day!!!

Columbus City School District has been given a new, interim superintendent this year while the powers that be search for someone to permanently fill the position. Dr. Dan Good has been a lovely breath of fresh air this year, and last week, FRIDAY, December 6th, he gave us a snow day!!!

Granted, we definitely earned our snow day. At 6am, we already had freezing rain and sleet and got approx. 4-6” of snow that afternoon! I try to think of my students waiting at the bus stop in this miserable weather. These are no conditions for a child to be outside in.

What is it that’s so glorious about a snow day??? I remember being a kid and thinking there was nothing greater in the world that having the day off because of snow. My childhood best friend, Sarah, and I would immediately find each other and begin to plan what unplanned fun we would have. If it was a true snow day, we would layer up (I always had more layers than Sarah. I loathe being cold.), grab our sleds, and head to the closet hill we could find. When we had ridden the hill to the point of eliminating any snow that had been there, thrown more snowballs than one would seem appropriate for 2 girls, and about rubbed our noses raw with our mittens, we would head home for homemade hot chocolate from my dad. He would heat milk with chocolate bars and chocolate syrup to the perfect concoction of childhood indulgence. Our day would then be filled with hide-n-seek, Barbies, Super Nintendo, or MAAAAYBE some TV.

Somehow Sarah and I were able to make those 8 hours of unexpected freedom stretch on forever.

And Friday? How did I spend my snow day

as an adult?

  • Sleeping in (usually. Something weird happened on Friday where I couldn’t go back to sleep. But don’t you worry. There was definitely a nap later!)
  • Actually eating breakfast! Breakfast usually consists of coffee and a granola bar. Not on this snow day! I’m made eggs, bacon, toast….mmmmm!
Taaaaa Daaaa! Without burning the house down!

Taaaaa Daaaa! Without burning the house down!

  • Catching up on tv.
  • Catching up on laundry.
  • Walking Dewey! He loves the snow! I layered him up in a sweater and a fleece coat (like mother, like doggie!), and he was ready to play!

Although my days off as an adult might not be as much fun as they were 20 years ago, I still used my surprise day off to relax and catch up on responsibilities I had been evading!

What do you do on your days off??


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