What’s the quickest way to a teacher’s heart? No, it’s not with a delicious, shiny, red apple. No, it’s not by turning in your homework on time and actively participating in class (although it does help 😉 ). It’s not even through those fabulous Starbucks gift cards I get once every 5 years (maybe).

It’s through giving them a snow day!!!

Columbus City School District has been given a new, interim superintendent this year while the powers that be search for someone to permanently fill the position. Dr. Dan Good has been a lovely breath of fresh air this year, and last week, FRIDAY, December 6th, he gave us a snow day!!!

Granted, we definitely earned our snow day. At 6am, we already had freezing rain and sleet and got approx. 4-6” of snow that afternoon! I try to think of my students waiting at the bus stop in this miserable weather. These are no conditions for a child to be outside in.

What is it that’s so glorious about a snow day??? I remember being a kid and thinking there was nothing greater in the world that having the day off because of snow. My childhood best friend, Sarah, and I would immediately find each other and begin to plan what unplanned fun we would have. If it was a true snow day, we would layer up (I always had more layers than Sarah. I loathe being cold.), grab our sleds, and head to the closet hill we could find. When we had ridden the hill to the point of eliminating any snow that had been there, thrown more snowballs than one would seem appropriate for 2 girls, and about rubbed our noses raw with our mittens, we would head home for homemade hot chocolate from my dad. He would heat milk with chocolate bars and chocolate syrup to the perfect concoction of childhood indulgence. Our day would then be filled with hide-n-seek, Barbies, Super Nintendo, or MAAAAYBE some TV.

Somehow Sarah and I were able to make those 8 hours of unexpected freedom stretch on forever.

And Friday? How did I spend my snow day

as an adult?

  • Sleeping in (usually. Something weird happened on Friday where I couldn’t go back to sleep. But don’t you worry. There was definitely a nap later!)
  • Actually eating breakfast! Breakfast usually consists of coffee and a granola bar. Not on this snow day! I’m made eggs, bacon, toast….mmmmm!
Taaaaa Daaaa! Without burning the house down!

Taaaaa Daaaa! Without burning the house down!

  • Catching up on tv.
  • Catching up on laundry.
  • Walking Dewey! He loves the snow! I layered him up in a sweater and a fleece coat (like mother, like doggie!), and he was ready to play!

Although my days off as an adult might not be as much fun as they were 20 years ago, I still used my surprise day off to relax and catch up on responsibilities I had been evading!

What do you do on your days off??

BFF Spotlight: Tim Orr

Hellllooooooo????? Anyone out there?? I know it’s been eons since I’ve written last, so I hope you haven’t forgotten about me! I’m here!!!

There’s nothing like the promise of a new blogger on the block to make me realize what a craptastic blogger I’ve been lately! It isn’t that I don’t still love it or want to do it, just life is busy, busy, busy! I need to make it a goal to write at least twice a month next year! I was on a roll before!

I have a billion things to write about! When I was deciding what I should write about first, I realized that it should be something y’all would want to read about! And what’s more enticing than holidays and best friends?? So Imma tell you about how both of those things came together to form one white trash, relaxing, amazing, fun-filled Thanksgiving!

I will start off by introducing you to one of my best friends, Tim Orr. Tim and I have only actually know each other for about 2 years. I knew the moment I met him that we would be friends forever.


It was mid-February 2012. My boyfriend had just broken up with me a week or so before. For Christmas and my birthday (January 21st. Mark your calendars!), my dad got me a gift card to Coach (the handbag store. Lookit, Tim! I’m using handbag instead of purse almost 100% of the time! Ain’t you proud of me?!?). In an attempt to move on past the ex, I started a blog, got lots of mani/pedis, and began searching for the perfect Coach handbag to compliment my new, boyfriend-free life. I had finally found the one I wanted, but being that I don’t do “patient” well, instead of ordering online, I went to the Easton Coach store to purchase my one, true love. 

Once I was in the store, this adorably chic, toothpick of a man approached me. 

“Hi! Is there anything special you’re shopping for?”

“Actually yes! Do you have the Mini Willis purse in pink (this was before I knew better. It is a HANDBAG.) in stock?”

“We are actually all out of that one in our store, but I can search for it at another store for you!”

“Aww man! Yeah, okay, that works too!”

This character of a man led me to the counter where he began typing away on the computer.

“Well, it doesn’t seem that any of our Ohio stores have it either. Let me see where I can get one…”

I was becoming more and more frustrated. Didn’t he know that I was going through an awful breakup and needed retail therapy like…YESTERDAY?!? This purse would be the only thing that would truly love me and be loyal to be FOREVER. I needed it NOW.

“Oh! There’s one in Vegas! And who doesn’t love Vegas?!”

“Yay! Perfect! Can you call them and reserve it??”

“I have to do it through the computer.”

“Ok! Here’s my credit card, my social security, the promise of my first born….just get me that purse.”

And he did. That day, Tim became my savior and my soon-to-be best friend.

At then end of my transaction, I looked up at him and said, “You seem pretty fabulous. We should probably be best friends.”

Without skipping a beat, he responded, “I was just thinking the same thing!!”

And that was that!

Well…not exactly. We didn’t exchange phone numbers and I didn’t know his last name, so I was going to have to a little more shadier to really pull Tim into my life.

I went home that night and regaled my roommate Kelly with the story of our encounter. She was not nearly as excited about our new friend as I was.

“Kelly, I think I’m gonna call the Coach store back and ask if he wants to hang out with me and be my best friend for real!”

And that’s exactly what I did. For about a week or so, I called the Coach store almost daily to see if Tim was working and invite him to hang out.

“Hey! It’s a sunshiny day and I’m headed to Union to have dinner and drinks with some friends you should join!”

There were a few of these invites before he finally caved and met my friend Rachel and me for some drinks. It was a Thursday. I don’t remember the exact date, but I know it was a Thursday because Thursday is Long Island night at Union and I distinctly remember having one too many (this would become a reoccurring theme in our friendship).

After that evening, we spent more and more time together, eventually spending almost every weekend together. Tim quickly rose to the top of my “In Case of Emergency” List (“emergency” was loosely translated on many occasions…). I called Tim when boys were mean. He fed me pizza and turned on RuPaul’s Drag Race. He called me when work sucked. I fed him liquor and turned on Glee. We went on bike rides. We oiled up and fried at the pool (Summer 2012: Best. Tan. Ever.). 

I think after only 2 months of these shenanigans I knew that Tim would be a forever best friend.

Our first photo together! ComFest, June 2012

Our first photo together! ComFest, June 2012

Fast-Forward 2 years!!!

This past May, Tim moved to Chicago! The tragedy!!! But not even 350 some miles can interrupt our friendship! 

When Tim moved, he became the Assistant Manager of Coach on Michigan Avenue!!! (here Boo, lemme brush that dust off your shoulder…) Because of his impressive job, he was unable to come home to Columbus for Thanksgiving. Well. I was NOT about to let him spend the holiday alone, so I drove my skinny ass out there a few days before the holiday. 

Now, it should be noted that Tim has a lovely, but not ideal for a large Thanksgiving dinner, studio apartment. We knew months before that we would not be celebrating in the traditional way. We would keep it simple. The important part was that we would be together on Thanksgiving.

As it is almost every year ( 😉 ), Thanksgiving was on a Thursday. I drove up the Tuesday evening before. Tim had to work Wednesday. I would use my time in the city alone to get our Thanksgiving fixin’s. Had we been home, in Columbus, this would have been no big deal. Hop in the car, drive to the grocery, pick up the food and come home. Well. I wasn’t in CBus any more! I was in THE WINDY CITY! This meant that I would have to take the bus to the grocery and back! One of my least favorite things in being lost. Ever since I started driving, it has given me great anxiety. 

Flash Back to 2001. I had just gotten my driver’s license. Cell phones were just becoming something that everyone had. My parents bought me one in case of emergencies.

“DAAAAAAAAD!!!! I don’t know where I am! I am trying to get home from the mall! (Mind you, this mall was approximately 8 miles from home. I know. I should be embarrassed.) Where am I?? I don’t know! Wait! There’s a sign! Holy crap Dad, I’m in Grovetucky (This was really Grove City. We had given it this silly nickname!)!!! 

….10 minutes later…

DAAAAAAAAD!!!! Now I’m lost somewhere on OSU’s campus! Ugh! It’s all one-way streets!!! HELP!!!!

Back to 2013…

So the idea of getting on a bus (something I never have to do at home) and making sure said bus was going the right direction, was scaring the piss out of me. But I did it! I have to give some credit to Amee here:

“You’re not lost… you haven’t even left the apartment yet! Sheesh! I can’t believe I’m giving you a pep talk for this. Big sis says SACK UP!”

So I did. I sacked up, got on the right bus and made it to the grocery.

…3 hours later (I dillydallied around the apartment for awhile…)

“AHHHH! HOLY F!#K I DID IT! Ha! I made it to the grocery!”

Now I had a small added challenge of not over shopping, considering I had to carry everything home on the bus!! But I did it! I made it back with our dinner! HUZZAH!!!!

Now, I know you are dying to know what our dinner consisted of!!! We had a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken, microwaveable steamed veggies, pre-made mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie! Imma stop here. As much as our dinner was certainly was a little poor man’s/white trash, the pumpkin pie was LEGIT!!!! My one job every year for Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie. For the past 3 or 4 years, I have made my pies from an actual pumpkin! I did it again this year. I took the pre-made pumpkin stuff and crust and simply had to bake the pie. So there. Our dinner wasn’t completely a sham!

TAAA DAAA! Dinner!!!

TAAA DAAA! Dinner!!!

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. Simple and wonderful. We had spent the night before dancing until 4am and there wasn’t going to be the smell of turkey cooking to wake me, so needless to say, it was necessary to set an alarm for the morning. I was NOT going to miss the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade!! I woke up and had watched the parade and proceeding dog show when Tim finally joined me on the couch. And that is where we stayed. All day. We did not shower, change clothes….it was amazing! Maybe a little stinky, but it was just what we both needed; a day filled with nothing but relaxing.

An earlier trip this summer to Chicago with Amee!

An earlier trip this summer to Chicago with Amee!


Amee's Top Gun themed, cancer-free party with the A-Squad, including Amanda and Allie!

Amee’s Top Gun themed, cancer-free party with the A-Squad, including Amanda and Allie!

I’m not sure exactly why my heart reached out to Tim so strongly and so quickly. But I am glad it did. He has filled my life with laughter (hot yoga in tutus!), music (no one does Britney like Tim!), and love (how many best friend bracelets have we gone through?? 3?!?).  In my life, I have learned that you can’t help who you love, for better or for worse, and when it comes to my dear, sweet Timberly, “My loneliness is killing me, I must confess I still believe, when I’m not with you I lose my mind….


Typical Sillyness

Typical Sillyness

Ta-Ta to Tim in Tutus! Tim's final hot yoga class before moving to Chicago!

Ta-Ta to Tim in Tutus! Tim’s final hot yoga class before moving to Chicago!

My birthday present to Tim this year - BFF bracelets with the coordinates of where we first met - The Coach Store!

My birthday present to Tim this year – BFF bracelets with the coordinates of where we first met – The Coach Store!

A typical weekend out with My Boo!

A typical weekend out with My Boo!