Throwback Thursday, 9.26.13

Right about this time, TEN years ago, I was starting my freshman year of college at Ohio University. It was my first time outside of my safe haven bubble of family, church friends and teachers I knew and loved. I had jumped into a world of no parental supervision, completely new faces and professors that expected a HELL of a lot from me.

And I was ELATED. I couldn’t wait to start a life all my own. I was assigned to live in Lincoln Hall with 2 other girls, Mary & Samantha. We met once over the summer to coordinate bedding and decide who was bringing what. It was all very exciting. I volunteered to sleep in the loft bed (basically a top bunk with my desk and VERY small closet underneath). Sam and Mary shared the bunk bed, Sam claiming the top and Mary on bottom. While waiting in line at Target, Sam asked Mary and I, “So…do you guys drink at all?” I answered honestly. “No, my friends and I don’t think you should have to be drunk to have fun.” I was 18 and a church-going good girl. I wasn’t ABOUT to break the law by drinking underage! And it was true. We had some of the most random, silly, fun times without involving alcohol. Mary responded, “I drink sometimes, but not a lot.”

I held to my answer for as long as possible that Fall Quarter. But one thing led to another, and the 3 of us were attending house parties, frat parties, club parties…any kind of party we could find and drink cheap (but FREE!) beer. We always had an eye on each other and made sure the other two made it home safely. (Notice I didn’t say “made it to bed safely.” Many a night was spent on our dorm’s sky blue carpet!)

This Throwback Thursday is dedicated to Roommate Mary, Samson, the parties we crashed and the memories we made (some of them are a little fuzzy…thanks Natty Light).

Another Night in Athens! {Me, Mary & Sam)

Another Night in Athens! {Me, Mary & Sam)


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