So long, Summer!

Ahhhhh….fall. I guess technically it’s still summer, but school is back in session and it’s after Labor Day, so for me, that means that my 3 precious months of summer break are over. I know. No one is throwing a pity party for the girl that set a morning alarm twice this entire summer.

One of the good things about the end of summer is that I am going to get back into my regular routine. For me, this means back to my regular workout schedule, going to church and City Groups every week, and BLOGGING!!!! I freaking love writing this thing, I really do. You might not believe me since it has been like an entire summer since I wrote last….but this has become a passion of mine. Along with that passion comes a desire for it to be absolutely perfect. The same goes for any art I create. In college, I would spend hours upon hours in the darkroom perfecting my prints. Everything had to be just right – the right contrast, the right cropping, no dust or scratches…perfect. In fact, my college boyfriend would be concerned if I didn’t smell like developer at the end of the night! I digress…my art, photo, writing, and otherwise, has to be perfect before I can present it to the world. For my writing, that means everything has been read and re-read, the photos are perfect…everything. So, as you can imagine, this takes some time. I won’t even begin writing if I know I don’t have the time to dedicate to it, so alas, my blogging got pushed to the side this summer. But I have missed it dearly and have so much to say!! I feel like I need another week off just to catch up on my writing! 😉

So last Friday, August 30th, my big brother, my Broski, got married (see?!? yet ANOTHER post I need to write!) to one of my dearest and most amazing friends, Kelli. They were kind enough to ask me to be a part of the wedding by doing a reading. As a token of their appreciation, Kelli got me a beautiful necklace. I wore it all last weekend and into the week. I finally took it off on Tuesday evening before my shower. Well, one thing led to another, and my clumsy ass knocked it off of my bathroom counter and right down the drain. After a very dramatic scene, I posted this to Facebook:

Holy crap. I almost had an emotional breakdown just now.

This beautiful necklace that Kelli got me for being in her and David’s wedding fell down my bathroom sink drain. I, being the independent woman I am, fetched a hanger, a pair of pliers and a bucket and went for it.

I tried undoing the J-drain. No avail. I tried snaking the wire hanger down the drain. No avail.

It was at that moment I started to freak. “Well, maybe if I had a man around the house, he could help me! Why don’t I have a man around the house?? Being single and independent is dumb! F*** this. What man can I call to come over and help me?…etc.”

But before I gave in to calling a man, I Googled, “How do get something out of a drain” and VOILA! All it took was a vacuum and a pair of panty hose (may they rest in peace. Their death was not in vain!) and that necklace was mine again!

So yeah. F*** having a man around the house. I got this shit under control!

I was proud of myself for not giving in and calling any of the men in my mental rolodex to come save my ass! I didn’t expect what seemed to me to be a silly Facebook post to get such a reaction from my friends! Since then, that post has earned 85 likes!! Now, don’t get me wrong…I would love to have a man around the house to help clean, cook and fold my under-thingys, but until the right one comes around, all I need in this house is Dewey and Google.

The offending necklace! "Close to the heart, together from the start, best friends will never part."

The offending necklace!
“Close to the heart, together from the start, best friends will never part.”


ps...Dewey's turned THREE on Friday, September 6th!

ps…Dewey turned THREE on Friday, September 6th!


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