Throwback Thursday, 6.20.13

I found myself at my dad’s house the other night looking for photo frames for a few of my many, MANY Alternative Fashion Mob Glitterati photos. Well, as always happens, I found not only frames, but a slew of other interesting things. I found 2 stuffed manilla folders labeled “Miscellaneous Thoughts” in my mom’s handwriting. I had stumbled across her version of Pinterest. In these folders were poems, articles, inspiring quotes, and other ideas she didn’t want to forget.

Underneath these folders was another folder labeled “Ashley.” This folder had grade cards, pictures I had drawn, a letter from Uncle Art to my mom about how to handle my (then) recent letdown of not making the middle school volleyball team, and a letter I had written to my parents.

Here is what I assume the background information is:

I was in 6th grade and absolutely (but secretly) obsessed with Hanson. They just weren’t the cool band to like, so my friends and I kept our fandom a secret. Anyways…I assume that I had a tons of pictures, posters, and other memorabilia that I wanted to hang up, but had run out of space in my own room. I also gather that I had already asked my parents for more space and been denied. Never (and to this day) taking “No.” for an answer, I did the mature thing, I asked again, providing legitimate reasons my request should be granted. I applaud my mother’s ability to say “No,” and give other ideas. I can pretty much guarantee that this did not go over well, and remember that I never did get the bedroom. The basement though….





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