{Every time I say that, I’ envisioning a little blonde, Poltergeist-ey girl}

Well it’s true!  I’ve been gone for a bit from the blog that I love so much, but I’m back! Thanks for sticking with me and not running away {…yet}!

A lot has happened since I’ve last written to you! I will try to tell you as much as I can without being too long-winded!

First off, some super duper exciting news! But first, a back story. A few weeks ago, a girl sends me and some guy, Josh Weiker, a Facebook message. She is trying to connect with me for Josh because he wants to use my badass photos from Pecha Kucha on his blog. Of course I say yes, because getting my name as a new blogger out there, in any way possible, is awesome. I only ask that he links back to my blog along with my photos. Josh graciously obliged and that was that. Well, a day or so later, Josh messaged me again saying that he had a chance to read my blog, really liked what he read and that I had a voice that would fit in with a new website he’s working on. The project is called Columbus Avenue. It is a new and upcoming website that highlights Columbus’ local music, nightlife and general fun-ness. The articles and stories are written by a small handful of Columbians, Columbusians, Columboans, people from Columbus; people whose hearts beat for the city. After explaining this venture to me, Josh asked if I would like to be one of the elite few that gets to write for this thing.


I said yes really before even asking what would be expected of me. The idea of writing with a group of people who are not only brilliant writers themselves, but love the CBus, excites me to no end. Plus, anything I write for Columbus Avenue is still my property and can be put on here too! So I’m still getting to promote and do the blog thing, which is a top priority for me right now. When Josh and I began discussing what exactly I would be writing, I confessed to him that, as much as I truly love local music, my knowledge base is only about this much: |___| and I just wouldn’t feel comfortable starting out writing about it when there are so many other knowledgeable passionate people who would love the opportunity. So we started brainstorming ideas of what I would write. “Well, you are obviously motivated, so my question is what interests you?”

Hmmm…happiness. friends. music. fun. art. parties. columbus. dogs. rainbows. glitter. makeup.fashion. friends. teaching. teenagers. books. hot chocolate. photography. iphones. pink….and that’s just a 10 second brainstorming list!

So we settled on me writing about local icons, and general events & entertainment. Something that could be called “Columbus VIP’s – Very Interesting People, Places, and Parties.” BAM. If that isn’t a column I should be contributing to, I don’t know what is. I haven’t started writing yet, but now that I’m back, it’s on like Donkey Kong. My first article is going to be a spotlight on one of Columbus’ most badass babes and one of my best friends FOR LIFE. Any guesses who she is??

So there’s that freaking amazing news. Onto more Happiness Moments!

I have been getting to spend a lot of time with some new-er and kickass ladies in my life. I just feel supremely blessed to be surrounded by women that are doing great things and have great, big, ole hearts in their chests. So there’s that 🙂

Me, Rebecca, Amee & Amanda

Me, Rebecca, Amee & Amanda

This past Friday night, one of my favorite local bands (okay, maybe I am a weeee bit biased 😉 ), Black Eyed Betty played a rockin’ show after a short hiatus. I love going to their shows because I know (almost!) all the words and can sing along with some of my best friends. And, yeah…they’re music is pretty great too! But the best part about this show in particular is that Noodles was back! Huh??Noodles?? What that…?! Yeah! Noods! The original drummer for Betty is a bat-shit crazy, good drummer who goes by the nickname Noodles. He no longer drums with them because he has been on some crazy life adventures! After he left for a life of escapades, Betty had a few drummers fill in and has now settled on the rockin’ T.Bart. He does a fabulous job and fits in just nicely with what the band has become after so many years of defining itself. Back to Friday night – Noodles is now back home in CBus and came to the show. As a little thrill to both their fans and Noodles himself, he got to sit in as drummer for a few songs. I have to admit, it literally brought tears to my eyes to see the gang back together again. Don’t get me wrong, I love T.Bart, but there’s just something about seeing the original crew play together one more time.  And I think Noodles thoroughly enjoyed himself as well!

{click photo to enlarge!}Click here to see photo gallery!

{click photo to enlarge!}
{Click here to see photo gallery!}              (Hey! There’s more of those kickass chicks I was talking about!^^^)

So that was Friday night. Saturday was even better. I got to have lunch with the always sweet and effortlessly fashionable Allie. I swear, even wearing simple jeans, t-shirt and statement necklace, that woman is flawless. She’s such an inspiration! The evening was filled with fabulous shenanigans as well! “The Broads” (Amee, Rebecca, Amanda, Liz & I…and sometimes a token gay) hit up the Olde Towne East Roving party and invaded the local gay bar for a night of laughter and dancing. It was just what I needed. Being surrounded by people I love and dancing the night away has an effect on me that nothing else in the world does. It makes me infinitely happy.

Oh. And drag queens. Drag queens make me really happy too. Especially ones dressed like Taylor Hanson.

This was the most internet appropriate photo from the evening...

This was the most internet appropriate photo from the evening…
{Tim, me, Amee, Amanda}

The ONLY bad thing about Saturday night was looking at the clock and expecting it to say 2:15am. Oh no. It was 3:15am. Ouch. (Amee!!! We actually time traveled!)

And then Sunday. Oh, Sunday was just PERFECT! It was sunny and 70 FREAKING DEGREES!!! I can’t remember the last time it was that warm, and OH! how I miss it! I am a sunshine girl! Winter just really gets me down and I needed some sunshine to brighten my life! I woke up early and went to church (yeah, after my 3:45am bedtime, getting up at 9:30am for church was ROUGH! Needless to say, I was late…oops! Sorry, Jesus!) After church, I rounded up Tim and Amanda and we rode our bikes (OMG! BIKES! One of the best parts of warm weather Ohio!) to Our friend Brenton’s house for a brunch of all brunches. There were mimosas. There were bloody mary’s. There was fruit in my mimosa. There was a salad in my bloody mary. There were omelettes. There was homemade bread. There was at least 5 pounds of bacon. I can even remember everything there was! Even better than the food were the people. I met a profusion of new and fabulous people at this sunny, Sunday soirée! Everyone was so kind, funny and eager to help. We got to sit outside on Brenton’s patio and soak up the day’s perfection. And of course, after such a large meal, one needs to exercise! So out came the tandem bicycle! Let me say this. Brenton makes it look SO easy! Amanda and I tried to ride this thing and…oh.wow. Let’s just say I wish there was video of the hilarity that ensued. And then Tim and Stacy hopped on and cruised on by us with no problems. Some Broads just aren’t meant to tandem. It was an all-in-all perfect day, and I haven’t been able to say that in quite some time.

{click photo to enlarge!}Click here to see photo gallery!

{click photo to enlarge!}
Click here to see photo gallery!

{click photo to enlarge!}Click here to see photo galler of hilariousness!

{click photo to enlarge!}
Click here to see photo gallery of hilariousness!

And just for kicks & giggles:

I biked in pants and got hot, so Brenton loaned me some shorts! I call it Lesbian Chic.

I biked in pants and got hot, so Brenton loaned me some shorts! I call it Lesbian Chic.

Okay, if you’re still here after all that, I’ve got just a little more for you! As if the weekend wasn’t great enough, I came home to photos from the AntiLabel shoot with photographer Taryn Lindsey! The group photo I bought at the Alternative Fashion Mob Art Show, the one of me leaning I bought from Taryn, and the one with my hand on my face was a gift! One can never have enough photos of yourself! 😉 AAANNNDDD! A friend sent a picture of another AntiLabel photo shoot for GO Magazine. The magazine is in every AirTran airplane! How cool is that?!?

I want everyone who visits to see it, so I figured the bathroom was the best option!

I want everyone who visits to see it, so I figured the bathroom was the best option!


So yeah. I’m pretty happy right now. Life is good. And I’m back. That’s even better.


4 thoughts on “I’M BAAAACKKK!!!

  1. Congratulations on your magazine appearance and your new blogging opportunity! That is really exciting news and I’m eager to read your work. This was a great post, and from your Sunday pictures I see that you met a girl I ran with at OU: Melissa Horner. Small world!

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