Life, According to my iPhone: Photo-a-Day Edition, Vol. 5

Hey, dolls! I know, I know, life can’t all be iPhone photos! I promise I’m coming back, first thing tomorrow morning with a new, in-depth post. There. I wrote (typed?) it down, so I have to do it.

But to whet your appetite for now, I give you the first week of March’s Photo-a-Day Challenges!

My Photo-a-Day Challenge goes on! Click here for a bit of an explanation of what this whole thing’s about. Some of these photo prompts could have been very straight forward, but I tried to think outside the box to be more abstract with my photos.

As a reminder, I also post my photos to flickr, tumblr, and Instagram. To follow me on Instagram, please leave a comment with your username so that I can approve you. Being a teacher, I keep my personal life as locked away from my students as possible, so my Instagram account is private. Also because for some odd reason, I was acquiring an unusual amount of unsavory types following my photos. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Thanks for perusing! Enjoy!

{click collage to enlarge}


Daily Prompts:

March 1: L is for… I got to dress up for my students today and they thought it was hilarious! Introducing Calpurnia Twinklebottom!

March 2: I made this! Well, since I don’t cook, I mixed drinks for brunch!

March 3: Key. My school-keys lanyard! Buttons include: Waffle Stompers, Pecha Kucha, Independent’s Day, Skashank Redemption, Columbus Local Music, Pirate Mickey, the US Air Force and…WALKING DEAD!!!

March 4: Lucky. I suppose I should consider myself lucky that I have a job I love and brains in my head to earn my masters…even if it means being at school til 8pm.

March 5: Under. So this is where Dewey sleeps every night…UNDER the covers!! Rough life…

March 6: Chair. When you’re DewDog, the world is your chair.

March 7: Fear. None.

March 8: Favorite. My favorite local band, Black Eyed Betty!


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