Vision Board Inspiration

This past weekend, I was without plans, and so turned to one of my BFF’s, Amee for plans. I swear, that girl is ALWAYS getting into something fun! When asked what her plans on Saturday night were, she invited me to tag along with her to her neighbor’s house (and by neighbor, she means anyone within a 2 mile radius of her house) for a Vision Board creation party.

Hmmm….not so sure about this. Vision board? What’s a vision board? Well, according to Tawana, the hostess, “a Vision Board is a collage representing things you would like to attract to your life. You will cut pictures and phrases out of magazines or print them from websites and include your own photos in the collage. Vision Boards are very popular because they work. They allow you to see your dream as a reality…and keep your attention focused on your dreams.”

This description came with a warning:

Come prepared to be transformed.

And a request:

Naysayers, please stay at home.

Stay at home?!? I was just told I get to make a collage out of pretty pictures and words, drink wine AND be transformed? No way I’m staying at home!!!!

Okay, fine. In all honesty, I was a little wary at first – not a naysayer!- but I wondered if this little arts ‘n crafts get-together really had the power to transform someone. Nonetheless, I had no other plans, and based on past Misadventures of Amee & Ashley, I knew I’d have fun, no matter what. So Amee and I perused selves of magazines until we had a stack of about 8 to share between us. We packed up glue sticks, scissors, our new travel flasks and Kelli (what’s better than TWO blondes on the loose?! THREE blondes crashing your party!) and made our way to Tawana’s home.

We arrived at the party a wee bit late (what?!? We’re on BGT!! (Blonde Girl Time)), but even so, were warmly welcomed by the itty-bitty Tawana. We took off our coats and put down our 13 lb bag of supplies and were thrust into the living room to be introduced. Two rooms of about twenty women greeted us with hearty “Hey girls,” and “Oh, you’re the rockstar?!” (Amee) and “Oh I love your leggin’s!” (me…they were fabulous) and “You girls look like you came to bartend!” (Our table was in the corner of the massive living room and the first things we pulled out of our magic Mary Poppins bag were vodka and mixers…)

After getting situated, Kelli, Amee and I began to flip through our stacks of magazines and cut out inspirational words, phrases and images. Truthfully, none of the three of us knew exactly what we were doing. Every so often, Tawana would pop over and check on us. Through her explanation of her board (images of wedding things because she wants to be married someday, a picture of her dream home and car, etc), we were able to get a better idea of what was expected of us to make our boards as beneficial as possible. I started to focus on selecting colorful words and images of relationships, exercise, and strong women.

After about 2 hours (RIGHT?!) of chattering, giggling, refilling empty cups and carefully selecting visuals, the girls and I began organizing everything on our boards. Since I like things to be visually aesthetic, this was probably the hardest part for me. I actually had to go back to the magazines to find colorful backgrounds for behind my words and images.

As everyone began finishing their Vision Boards, one by one, each woman got up and shared her board. Women had a variety of ambitions on their boards – from retirement plans, to career goals, to religious hopes to a young girl’s plan to be married by age 27 (She’s 24 now. All us “older” women chuckled and sincerely wished her well…hey, it could happen!). Each board was very personal to its designer, which I find interesting, considering they were composed of advertisements aimed at mass media. It was amazing how each woman took something targeted at everyone and made it personal for herself. After sharing, Tawana urged us all to continue adding to our Vision Boards and put them in a place where we will see it everyday and be reminded of our goals.

So was I transformed? I don’t think I made a complete, 180° change, but I was definitely reminded of how far I have already come in life and how far I have yet to go. Tawana was right – it will definitely keep me productive to have my goals illustrated visually, in a place I see them each and everyday. It can become so easy to just think, I want this for my life, I was to achieve that, Someday I’ll be this. But thinking it isn’t enough. I need to really see what those goals look like in my head. If I can see it, I can work towards it. And it won’t be enough to just visualize my ideal future. I will have to do something about it.

…after all…


{photos from the Vision Board Party}

(Top-Bottom, Left-Right) Amee creating, Kelli & her board (and a wicked photo bomb!), Kelli presenting with Tawana, Kelli's board-in-progress)

(Top-Bottom, Left-Right) Amee creating, Kelli & her board (and a wicked photo bomb!), Kelli presenting with Tawana, and Kelli’s board-in-progress!

Blondes with Boards! Myself, Kelli & Amee

Blondes with Boards! Myself, Kelli & Amee (see? I told you my tights were badass!)

Presenting my board!

Presenting my board!

A few of the ladies & their boards!

A few of the ladies & their boards!

{My Vision Board}

photo 1 (1)

click to see bigger!


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