Life, According to my iPhone: Photo-a-Day Edition, Vol. 3

{psssst…if you didn’t catch my Pecha Kucha post from last week, it’s ok! It will be in the blogosphere FOREVER! But, you should totally check it out. It was a pretty kickass event 🙂 }

My Photo-a-Day Challenge goes on! Click here for a bit of an explanation of what this whole thing’s about. Some of these photo prompts could have been very straight forward, but I tried to think outside the box to be more abstract with my photos.

As a reminder, I also post my photos to flickr, tumblr, and Instagram. To follow me on Instagram, please leave a comment with your username so that I can approve you. Being a teacher, I keep my personal life as locked away from my students as possible, so my Instagram account is private. Also because for some odd reason, I was acquiring an unusual amount of unsavory types following my photos. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Thanks for perusing! Enjoy!

{click collage to enlarge}


Daily Prompts:

Feb. 17: In my hand. I got Amanda in my hand! #highfive!

Feb. 18: Something I hate. Setting my alarm on school nights. Ugh.

Feb. 19: I am… +Writer +Runner +Doggy Mama +Adopted +Loved by God +Strong {I’m a million different things from one day to the next!}

Feb. 20: Where I Stand. In the shower! Dewey got a bath today after a long, muddy walk! (It was very tricky getting this photo juuuust right {wink!})

Feb. 21: Full. Pecha Kucha house is full! So excited to see Amee & Kelli present for Alternative Fashion Mob!!

Feb. 22: Makes me smile. Snow days! Sleeping in! Lunch with a dear friend! Mimosas & Bloody Mary’s when I would usually be teaching English 11! And the most amazing bread pudding I have ever tasted. Most people take pictures of their food. Had I tried, I would’ve lost a finger. So, here’s the empty plate.

Feb. 23: A word. Ok, technically there are lots of words here. Amee working on her inspiration board!

Feb. 24: Cloud. So I wanted to get a little creative with this and not just take a picture of our cloudy, Columbus sky. The end product is a little experimentation with the Wood Camera app mixed in with a smidgen of Instagram just for kicks & giggles. I’m pretty happy with the outcome!


One of my best friends, Tim, & I, Saturday night. We were practicing our "model faces." Needless to say, I'm better at smiling!

One of my best friends, Tim & I, Saturday night. We were practicing our “model faces.” Needless to say, I’m better at smiling!

Amee, Kelli & I practicing smizing (smiling with your eyes)! Successful or not, we are FIERCE!

Amee, Kelli & I practicing smizing (smiling with your eyes)! Successful or not, we are FIERCE!


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