Life, According to my iPhone: Photo-a-Day Edition, Vol. 2

I am continuing on my Photo-a-Day Challenge! Click here for last week’s photos and a bit of an explanation of what this whole thing’s about.  This week’s challenges were not really difficult, per se, but I found that I had a hard time staying on schedule. There was one day on which I had to take 2 or 3 photos because I had gotten behind!

As a reminder, I also post my photos to flickr, tumblr, and Instagram. To follow me on Instagram, please leave a comment with your username so that I can approve you. Being a teacher, I keep my personal life as locked away from my students as possible, so my Instagram account is private. Also because for some odd reason, I was acquiring an unusual amount of unsavory types following my photos. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Thanks for perusing! Enjoy!

{click collage to enlarge}


Daily Prompts:

Feb. 9: Guilty Pleasure . Silliness!! (Oh, and karaoke! and birthdays!)

Feb. 10: 3 o’clock. A not too horrible February day. But I can’t wait til summertime back here!

Feb. 11: Entrance. Enter into the Barbie Dream House! (My name for my humble abode!)

Feb. 12: We I Ate Lunch. I am a teacher, and Wednesday was a Professional Development day, meaning there are no students, and the teachers go to hear presentations and such. One of the few perks of these days is that we get an hour for lunch, so we actually get to go out!

Feb. 13: Walking. These boots were made for walking…

Feb. 14: Love is… …being surrounded by wonderful, loving & supportive friends & family. You guys (this includes many more not pictured ) have made me the woman I am today and I am extremely blessed. SOme of the ladies pictured are Bri, Allie & Amanda! Go be inspired by them like I am!

Feb. 15: Inside My Fridge. Oh Dewey…get in there and make me a sandwich! Blogging makes me hungry!

Feb. 16: Perfect. No person is perfect and no relationship is perfect, but the folks I’m surrounded by are pretty damn close.


This isn’t a Photo-a-Day photo, but I wanted to add it in. Since today is President’s Day, I get the day off from school (WEEEEEE!). My dad and his lady-friend just got back from a 3-week vacation in Florida (totally jealous), so I suggested that the three of us get brunch to catch up. I wanted to take them to Explorer’s Club because it’s local, delicious, and my awesome friend Chef Dan is the head chef and his beautiful wife, Beverly, is often working there. We showed up at 10:30am, only to discover they don’t open until 11am. Wahhhh Wahhhh….so I suggested we get coffee somewhere near by until the restaurant opened. When I began thinking of where to go, I immediately thought of Amanda’s most recent post about a local, German Village coffee shop – Winan’s. So Dad, Cathy & I popped over there, and just as Amanda suggested, we were not disappointed. The people working were incredibly friendly and helpful, their chai tea was delicious and I bought a bag of Apricot Cream coffee beans. Wait. Coffee BEANS?? Crap! I don’t have a grinder! “No problem!” the girl behind the counter chirps, “I can grind them for you!” Not only was their coffee delicious, but they had a rack of adorable greeting cards, and thanks to my mother, I’m a sucker for a cute greeting card, so I bought like 7 of those!

It was completely serendipitous.

Winan's Chocolate & Coffee SHop


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