Happiness Is…

Dewey & I on the beach in Ponte Vedra, Florida

…running on the beach in your bare feet (or paws!)…
Dewey & I on the beach in Ponte Vedra, Florida {Spring Break 2011}

Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long! Jeesh, life got busy there for a hot second! But, have no fear! I’m back!

Awhile back, when I started this wee, lil blog, a friend of mine challenged me to write down 100 things that make me happy, He thought that since I am writing a blog that focuses on happiness, that I should try to identify 100 things that make me happy. At first, I thought that this task would be way too easy, and sure, it could have been. If I wanted to list all the little thins that make me happy, I probably could’ve been done with this list in a few days. But of course, I wanted to challenge myself, so I am trying to think & feel deeper and to (sometimes) list things as I experience them. So here I am, weeks into the challenge and only at #48. I wanted to share the first quarter of my list with you as a progress check in. Have you ever done anything like this? What things woud be on your list? I would love for you to join me on this challenge! Without further ado…

Happiness is…

  1. Making just enough coffee and pouring just enough creamer to perfectly fill my travel mug on an early morning.
  2. Cuddling with Dewey on the couch for an afternoon of TV watching.
  3. Being completely wrapped up in a book so good, you take any and every spare moment to read it.
  4. Seeing a struggling student make the effort to sit with the kids getting A’s and read aloud with them.
  5. Finishing a grueling workout, knowing I gave it my all the entire time.
  6. Coming home to a new Birchbox in the mail!
  7. Coming home to Dewey wagging his entire body in excitement for my return.
  8. Going to church and feeling completely overcome by and close to God through singing.
  9. A reassuring text from a friend after a rough morning.
  10. Getting birthday presents and cards!
  11. Giving gifts! Especially homemade or seriously well thought out ones.
  12. A warm pair of Uggs.
  13. A student asking for a good book to read.
  14. Laughing so hard my abs hurt!
  15. Taking a good look at my friends and realizing how loved I am and how much I love them.
  16. Physically challenging myself and meeting that goal.
  17. My daddy fawning over me on my birthday.
  18. Smiling and laughing with Uncle Art, even though he has pancreatic cancer and is undoubtedly suffering.
  19. Being an amateur fashion model! The Hair! The clothes! The makeup!
  20. Catching up on my favorite TV shows.
  21. Knowing that I have helped a friend in their time of need.
  22. Seeing my friends come out on the bright side of a demanding struggle.
  23. Chugging water during and after a seriously hardcore workout.
  24. Finally being at peace with the person I’m becoming.
  25. Knowing that I have worked hard and earned being in the best shape of my life!

Side Note…

Look what came in the mail yesterday! I am so excited to hand these out! I really think they will come in handy when I meet new people and want to hand off my blog address in a sparkly and memorable way! Do you have business cards for your blog? If so, what are some creative and successful ways that you’ve used them? What do they look like??

{Ending Up Here} biz cards!

{Ending Up Here} biz cards!



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