Throwback Thursday, 2.7.13

Last week, I posted a piece of poetry I wrote as a 13 year old. This week, in honor of last Sunday’s Superbowl cheerleaders, I am posting a picture of myself right around age 10 (5th grade).

5th grade actually wasn’t too rough for me…I mean just look at me! I’m adorable! My teeth were all in the right place (in earlier years, they were alllll caddywhompus! Thank God for modern-day orthodontia!), my eyes look like they’re looking directly at the camera (I have this endearing little quirk in which, I am so far-sighted, that without glasses or contacts, my right eye drifts inward.), and my hairstyle isn’t too terribly 90s (oh lord, it was awful about 4 years before this picture! One equation can explain my hair at age 6. Mullet + Bowl Cut = Bullet. Precious!).

This photo is from my year spent on the Upper Arlington Drill Team, cheering on the Bucks. Now, I was no professional football cheerleader…I was just happy to be there! 2 years after this, in 7th grade, I tried out for the Hastings Middle School cheerleading squad. Much to my disappointment and surprise, I didn’t make the squad. I was convinced, CONVINCED! that it was because I had glasses and braces. I felt so discriminated against, that I made my mom call the coach and ask why I didn’t make the team (looking back, I don’t think it was a crazy request!). Part of me is still convinced CONVINCED! that it’s because of the glasses and braces, but Mom told me that it was because I wasn’t loud enough.

REALLY?!? ME?!? Not loud enough?!? Hell, I even write loudly! If you know me at all, you know that I am not a quiet person. Even in my adult life, friends are constantly telling me to lower my voice.

You’re starting to think I didn’t make the team because of the glasses and braces, aren’t you?!

Well, needless to say, I did not go on to become a varsity cheerleader. Instead, I gave track (too much running!), crew/rowing (WHAT? Go run a mile??? I joined crew so I wouldn’t have to run!) and marching band a try. In the end, marching band proved to be my favorite of all of my high school endeavors.

…probably because of the glasses and braces. 😉


One thought on “Throwback Thursday, 2.7.13

  1. Marching band! ha!
    I loved band for several reasons (marching, the music…) but I think number one was NO physical education classes!

    Of course that’s coming back to bite me, now! (So, you’re supposed to stay fit without marching through the fields with an instrument? How?)

    Cute photo! and love the new header!

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