Glammin’ the Place Up a Bit!


As you may have noticed a few days ago, Ending Up Here got a fancy new header! My “brand” is developing! It all started because my dear friend Victoria popped on by here only to notice that {GASP!} my header was typed in Scriptina font. Apparently, and unbeknownst to me, Scriptina has gone the way of “Bleeding Cowboys, Papyrus, and, dare {she} say, Comic Sans” !!!!!! I had no idea that one of my favorite fonts had become such a cliché! I had somehow become the person my friends and I used to make fun of in college! I always loved Scriptina because it was sweet and elegant in a simple way. But even so, I don’t want to be viewed as tacky! So a change was desperately needed.

Victoria graciously offered up her amazing design skills and in exactly 3.9 seconds, whipped me up the sparkly new header you see above! This is something my blog needs (and deserves!), but don’t have the ability or creative skills needed to create it myself. For me to create something like that would not only take forever, but might not happen at all, because I would never come up with something so clever!

When I saw Victoria’s work, I knew what had to be done. I had to become a brand. And since Barbie is already taken, I’m expanding and developing the Ending Up Here brand! I now have a logo and, as of yesterday, business cards on the way!

Once the business cards are in, I will begin working on my book! Just kidding…but I am excited to see where this whole thing ends up (here! haha, get it…Ending Up Here…oh, nevermind.)

Want some glitz & glamour for your site or to see more of Victoria’s brilliant design skills? Check out her portfolio HERE!

Reverse Mullet Business Card - Business in the front...

Reverse Mullet Business Card – Business in the front…


...Party in the Back!

…Party in the Back!




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