Going Old School

Going Old School.

Click above to read a post from William Ricci’s blog, “The Wasteland Here.” He puts into words perfectly my feeling towards the written word.

For me, reading is an intimate, corporal experience. The feeling of being curled up amongst a pile of blankets and pillows with a hot cup of coffee or tea…this would be the perfect day for me. Only one thing would be able to spoil it…

some sort of newfangled, scientific eReader!

Ugh. I mean, I get it. It’s trendy. It’s handy to have all your books in one place. It’s cost-efficient. Yeah, I understand all these perks of Kindles, iPads and other eReaders. But there is nothing comparable to the feeling of flipping to the next page, being able to physically see how much you have left to read, and smell of fresh or ancient pages.

I love the look of a library – of books on shelves. I think it makes a person look educated (not necessarily formally) and learned when the have shelves full of books and/or books strewn all over their home. It shows that they can think outside their own sphere, tiptoe into other worlds and attempt to understand where they land and see a world through the eyes of someone else. Yes, this goes for people, no matter their vehicle for reading. A person who enjoys a book electronically has the same intellectual abilities as one who reads them on paper, and maybe it’s due to my aesthetic nature and predisposition to assess people based on exterior factors – judging my people by their covers, but it is more apparent to me when a person has their literature on display for all to enjoy.

In short, if a person, man or woman, wants to win my love and eternal loyalty, it can be achieved with the simple gift of a book, one with pages not buttons.

The Beauty & the Beast Library

In my later years, I became less concerned about the budding romance between Belle & the Beast, and more preoccupied with the question of How can she turn him down NOW??!!


3 thoughts on “Going Old School

  1. Wow, I am 100% with you on this one.
    There is something so comforting in the smell and feel of a book.
    I admit, I have a Kindle Fire, but also admit I don’t do much reading on it. It’s more like a tiny portal to the Internet.
    With my husband in school for his Master’s degree he is literally bringing home books weekly. My dream gift is compiling our four overflowing bookcases into a wall-to-wall shelving system!

    Maybe one day we’ll have a castle and an entire library, too, but hey! Just dreaming here. 😉

  2. Joe is so with you on this! I totally agree that holding a book in your hands is the preferred method. As a frequent traveler, I love the convenience an eReader gives me. Also, being an “instant gratification girl” I love that no matter where I am I can literally get the title I want almost instantly.

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