Last summer, I stumbled across Chantelle’s blog and her monthly Photo-a-Day Challenge. I gave it a shot and actually had a lot of fun with it. But when school started and things got busy again, I lost track of it and kinda just gave up. Well, along with the millions of other things on my current To-Do List (blog, finish my masters, educate teenagers, grade papers, care for Dewey, have social life…), I am going to add the Photo-a-Day Challenge! I haven’t yet decided (I better decide by Friday!) if I am going to post the photos here or on my Tumblr page. Thoughts?? Maybe post to both??

I’d love it if y’all joined me in this challenge! Maybe there’s some way we can even make a Facebook or Pinterest or Flickr or other page for it where we can all post our photos for each other to see! It’d be especially fun to see photos from friends and folks from other parts of the country & corners of the world! Any suggestions on a sharing page??

According to Chantelle, there are no rules, but when sharing, make sure you use the monthly hashtag {ie #photoadayfebruary} so that people can find your photos. If you miss a day, it’s like the pill — just take 2 the next day! Miss a week? Call your BFF and run to the drugstore and then either pickup your photos where you left off and take a few photos each day to catch up, or just start on the current day.

Let me know if you’d like to join me and where I can find your pics, if not in a public gallery!

Happy shooting!


5 thoughts on “Photo-a-Day!

  1. You could always habe people upload into a public flickr account but I am not sure who (as in what website) will let you host that many pics. What about a link to another wordpress site and have a mod only put up the better ones. Its just a thought, and it would be quite a bit of work, but a contest with a lot of entrys isnt easy either.

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