Iron Chef: BellWanZo Style

Last night, I was fortunate enough to gather with friends and do what we do best…EAT! But not only were we eating, we did that other thing we do best…COMPETE! My friends love a good, friendly competition — even if the reward is simply bragging rights!

I attended, for the first time, the annual Iron Chef Cookoff at Casa BellWanzo. I’m not quite sure why I haven’t gone before, but I will never miss this event again! The proceedings are as follows:

  • Chefs show up at 4 o’clock for the secret ingredient reveal.
  • Chefs have from 4 o’clock until 7 o’clock to shop, prepare, cook, plate and clean their dishes.
  • at 7 o’clock, judges (aka ME!) begin devouring the food and rate it based on:
    • Taste
    • Original/clever use of the secret ingredient
    • The scale is 1-5, 5 being the highest, you just had a food-gasm in your mouth and 1 being you wouldn’t feed it to a really sad, helpless, starving puppy. (aww…that vision just made me really sad!)

I was also fortunate enough to be escorted by the lovely and oh-so-lively Brianne. Bri also writes a fabulous blog and has inspired me in so many ways for this here lil ole blog! She did a brilliant job of documenting who-made-what and moment by moment happenings. As a tiny thank you to her for her unending inspiration, I am going to politely point you to her blog for details on this foodie extravaganza! Consider it a co-blog entry. She did a lot of the writing and I took photos!

So to read the play-by-play of Iron Chef 2013, please click here! (and while you’re there, peruse around a bit! She has lots of fun things to see!)

(plus, you may notice I didn’t reveal the secret ingredient! You’ll have to go to Positively Bri to find out what it was!)

And to see a photo gallery of the people and food I got to soak up last night,

please clickity-click here!


2 thoughts on “Iron Chef: BellWanZo Style

  1. Ah, I love your photos! Naturally I would, I mean, you did major in photography =p There are so many great shots of the food, and the contestants cooking, that it’s making me hungry all over again. Great job, as usual.

    Ps- Thanks for the shout-outs!

    • Well thanks! Sometimes I feel as though I’ve let my passion for photography fizzle, so I try to get out and use “the fancy cam” whenever I can! Maybe we could do a picture day sometime! Go around Columbus and take pictures of what we see! Heck! We could make it a Blog MeetUp! Allie, Amanda, Ashley & Bri! We can take pics of Allie’s fashion out and about, go shopping for clothes & accessories for Amanda’s blog, and you can write about how happy it makes you 😉 and I’ll take the pics! Done. BAM!

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