That’s It, I Quit. I’m Moving On…

…to a new career! Screw teaching! Imma gonna be a professional model!

Just kidding….but it would be kinda fun, huh? But I did play hooky from school today to model for the fabulous Kelli Martin. You may recognize Kelli’s name or face from the 5th season of Project Runway. She lives in Columbus and designs fierce clothes. I met her about 2 years ago when we were being photographed for an article in 614 magazine. Since then, we bump into each other every now and again. Most recently, I got the fabulous opportunity to model for her in a fashion show Columbus’ Independent Fest this past September. Two days ago, she messaged me and a handful of other girls wanting to know if we would be available to model for a last-minute photo shoot. I figured that since my students were in a place where if I were gone a day, they’d be okay, and considering that day I was cussed out by 2 of them, I could finagle something. To be honest though, even considering those factors, I still had a twinge of guilt inside. But then I decided, Y’know, you’re only young once, your responsibilities are limited…might as well get your kicks while you’re still young enough to get ’em! So I told Kelli I would be there.

Today was spent downing large amounts of caffeine, cigarettes and 2 M&Ms – the model diet. Just kidding! But there really was a good amount of caffeine! I had my hair done by the talented stylists and makeup applied by Jeffrey Steele at Cut N Blow Salon on N. High St. From the salon, we went to a warehouse on W. Rich St (the ware house also houses The Dinin’ Hall) and got into our dresses and did some final touch-ups. I got to work with 3 other girls that have obviously done this quite a bit more than me, but I had fun nonetheless and I think Kelli is happy with the final product. Our inspiration for this shoot was to become kind of broken dolls. Kelli told us to pose like we were broken and “If it feels awkward, then you’re doing it right!” Well, for me, everything about modeling feels awkward, so I suppose this was the shoot for me! One of the great things about Kelli’s designs is that they aren’t focused on perfection. She didn’t care that my nail polish was chipped and my dress had threads hanging from it. I feel like she mixes elegance with dishevelment. And it works perfectly.

So next time you’re on an AirTran flight, make sure to check out GO Magazine for a familiar face! Until then, we were told the article will also be published online (the March issue).

Although I am not, nor will I ever be, a professional model, it was fun to get away from my normal routine and do something unique. When I get older, it will be awesome to look back on my life and say, “Oh yeah, I did some modeling in my 20s!” And as one of my co-workers said, “Your life is so full of fun!”

Click here for a few sneak peeks from the shoot today!

I was totally, unashamedly, nerding out over Kelli's Mood bag! She said it's the one she actually got on the show! #fanmoment!

I was totally, unashamedly, nerding out over Kelli’s Mood bag! She said it’s the one she actually got on the show! #fanmoment!


One thought on “That’s It, I Quit. I’m Moving On…

  1. I loved the sneak peek images, you did such a great job. And you got to work with Shannon. She’s one of my favorites in the industry. I’m excited that you took some time to do something fun and glam-heavy, just for you, and that you had fun while doing it. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of that!

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