Operation Barbie Grows Up

I have been quite the Busy Barbie the past 2 days! Today was my first day back to school (for those visiting, I am a high school English teacher) after a 2-week break.


Needless to say, neither the students nor myself really wanted to be there today. I just needed one more day!!! But sure…if I got one more day, I’d ask for yet another day. So, since I knew that God was most likely not going to give me a snow day, I tried to make my Sunday (yesterday) as productive as possible.

20 points if you get the reference and it makes sense to you ;)

20 points if you get the reference and it makes sense to you 😉

Besides getting the blog off to a fabulous start, I began another project that has continued into today and been an amazing source of happiness! Operation Barbie Grows Up!

First, a little background — The house I have lived in for the past five years (good grief!! How has time flown by so fast?!) was my grandparents’ house. My dad actually grew up here! After Grandma & Grandpa both passed away, my family was left with the house. I had just graduated from college, so my parent’s gave me the opportunity to move into the house if I could find a roommate to help pay “rent.” Find a roommate?? No freakin’ problem! In the past 5 years, this house has been a home to four other dolls. My roommate and I would pay “rent” to my parents. There is no mortgage on the house, so that money covered electric, gas, security system (back the F off, jerks!), utilities, property taxes, my car & house insurance, general maintenance (the Barbie Dream House got a new roof and paint job 2 summers ago!), gas for my car, my cell phone, and other Barbie necessities. Although I wasn’t directly paying for many things that a grown-ass woman should be paying for, I was putting money towards those things.

A month or so ago, a friend pointed out to me, that should something (Heaven forbid!) happen to my dad (Mom died from cancer 2 years ago. Fuck cancer.), I would be completely lost because I wouldn’t know how to take care of all these basic things. Yes, I have many family members and a family lawyer that would help get me on track, but it’s something I should conquer before that happens. Well, a month went by and nothing happened on that front. I decided it was something I needed to do, but I’d get around to it later.

This past weekend finally became “later.” I realized that I’m pushing 30 (oh. Good. God.) and should really get my shit together as an independent woman of the 90s. 😉 I met with the family lawyer and got a spreadsheet of everything Dad pays for me and met with Jessie, Banker Barbie, to learn how to budget. I now have my own spreadsheet with my own income budgeted into it! Not only do I have s budget spreadsheet, but it’s actually totally doable. I spent a couple of hours today gleefully calling companies to transfer accounts into my name, gently bullying Time Warner into lowering my cable bill and tenaciously flexing my Grown-Up Barbie muscles (both metaphorically and literally). Not only did I do these things, but I also went to the bank, saw two former Dream House Dolls (in my re-reading of this before posting, I’m realizing there’s enough of us to start a new Girl Power Pop Group! Ladies…??), and opened a new checking account just for my bills.

And then I ran 6 miles. Seriously.

Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that along with writing, one of my goals this year is to run the Cap City Half Marathon in May. Bangarang.

Today’s happiness is inspired by the thought that in just a few short weeks, I will be mostly independent from my father and taking care of myself like a big girl! I know that Dad loves me more than anything in the world (although his dog is awfully spoiled…) and will be there to catch me when (let’s face it, it’s inevitable) I fall, but it’s also very freeing to know that I can do all this on my own. My mother always taught me to never rely on a man for anything, which I have worked very hard not to do. Little did I know that man would be my dad!

business barbie


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