My Happiness Project

It’s a scene that most people know very personally. You’re in your bed or at the bar (ok, those are the 2 places it happens to me most frequently) mulling over your life’s most recent downfall. Whether it’s losing your job, the death of a loved one, a breakup, or life just sucking in general & things not going your way, we have all been there; defeated by sadness and pining for a break of happiness. What? You haven’t been there? Luuuccckkky!! {a lá Napoleon Dynamite} Well, let me tell you about my experience. My most recent bout of dejection had me tunnel-visioned on the crappy things that seemed to keep being thrown at my life by a merciless God. I reached out to one of my best friends, Kristen, and lamented, “My mom died 2 years ago! And then my best friends moved away! And then my job was really awful! And then Dad was really sick and close to death! And then I broke up with the same guy 3 times in one year (That’s a whole other blog!)!  Why do I keep ending up here?? My bouts of happiness are so short-lived! I keep ending up here – crying, alone in my bed, with an empty box of Merlot!” Being the sage that she is, Kristen responded, “1. Put down the box of wine. It’s giving you wine teeth and you’re already an ugly crier.  2. Well, yeah, you have had to overcome many more challenges than the typical 27-year-old, but you also have to remember that even though all these things have happened to you, you always do end up happy!” She made the brilliant point that instead of only thinking, “Why do I always end up here?!” when I am downcast, I need to refocus on the plethora of times that I have actually been joyful in my life. I am blessed enough to always end up happy. Yeah, sure, life sucks sometimes. Sometimes it sucks and sucks and sucks. But. Even if it’s only for a brief moment, the sucking does stop. Maybe my coffee was extra delicious one morning. Maybe a student turned in an assignment on time for a change. Maybe I got to hang out with one of my 1,219 (according to Facebook!) friends. This blog will be an outpouring of those moments of happiness. I know that I’m already a week behind, but it will be my goal, NAY! My RESOLUTION! to write about the little joys in my life each day. But some days will really suck. That will be on here too, because let’s be honest, “If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” –Dolly Parton- Maybe those will be the days that one of you can reach out and remind me of the gadzllion things I have to be happy for. In here will be joyful moments (joyments?!), lessons learned, spiritual epiphanies, things that inspire me…lots of things. I hope that by beginning my Happiness Project, others will be inspired to change their own perspectives and join me for the ride.

This blog is dedicated to always, no matter what, ending up here.

In stilettos.

choose to be happy


8 thoughts on “My Happiness Project

  1. A lovely and brilliant start to your happiness project. I am always amazed at how much joy you bring to things. Best wishes on the next post.

  2. have you read The Happiness Project? It’s a good read. I am working toward the same goals you are with my own happiness project. It is so easy to get down and snowball…but you are right, there is so so so much awesome in the daily joys. We just have to notice them!

    • I am in the process of reading it! It was actually one of many inspirations for this blog! Keep me updated on your project!!

  3. Great first post, can’t wait to keep reading! And may I point out the artistic liberty–I never said you’re an ugly crier, I couldn’t have been so mean at that moment. 🙂 Also, remind me to get you a bottle of wine the next time I see you – I can’t have one of my best girls drinking Merlot out of a box.

  4. This is EXACTLY why I started my blog too, to remember that life is awesome and worth being happy about. This being said, I feel like an enormous cheerleader for you right now, and very much look forward to reading more posts in the future.

  5. Hey! I found out about your blog from Lauren Conrad’s Share Your Blog post! I love your Happiness Project! Good luck! I am a firm believer too that happiness is a choice and how you deal with your problem is all up to you! Best wishes! xx

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